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Reviews from our Students


Impressive Course!

I just wanted to say thank you for your support, expert advice and encouragement and for the great experience I had at MK Medical Center. Special thanks to dr. Yousif for being a remarkable teacher and I am very grateful to have you as my instructor. I would like to inform that I got a high score in my MCCQE Part. Thank you again”

Meriem Hamed, MD

Professional Medical Course for NAC Preparation

“Dear MK team,

You have been a cornerstone of my life. You came in a time when I wanted to start a new chapter in my medical career. I joined NAC-OSCE course and it was a wonderful experience. Actually, it was more than that. You gave me all the support and help I needed, and I’m very grateful for that.

My experience here gave me a confidence boost that makes one feel indestructible. The clinical skills I learned here and the medical knowledge I got at MK Medical, helped me to pass the NacOsce exam with an amazing score.

Thank you MKMC, you are now a pleased chapter in my life”.

Fatima Sadak, MD

I highly recommend MK Medical Courses to anyone prepare for MCCQE1

“Dear MKMC Team,

I am writing to you to express my feelings of appreciation and gratitude for you, all MK team staff, as I passed my MCCQE Part 1 exam with a good score. I am positive that the great teaching material and the countless guiding offered at your center will be of great help to me in my future medical career.

Thank you, and all the best wishes for more success and achievements”.

Serena Cadmael, MD

Great Course!

“I would like to thank MK team for helping me pass the Step 2 USMLE CK exam.  You, doctors, focused my study prep to the highest yield material and gave me the blueprint on how to review and retain tons of information. Your study techniques gave me the confidence to do well on the exam. With tons of USMLE  CK study resources out there, MK team narrowed down the choices and told me to only study the resources with the highest yield material. I highly recommend MK Medical Center for USMLE test prep!”

Thank you,

Danny Kacper, MD

Passed on my first try

“Just want to thank MK team for the immense support and education that I have received from them. I am very pleased that I decided to get a tutor at MK medical center. It took a huge weight off my shoulders! Not to say that step was easy to study for, but MK certainly eased the burden. My tutor and I developed a study plan for me to work on. He was pretty encouraging and realistic about if my goals were achievable and what I would need to do. I’m so happy with my score in MCCQE and NacOsce exams! 

Thank you, MK team, for all the hard work, patience, and encouragement !

Andela Josef,
Medical Student
University of Ottawa, Faculty of Medicine

Completed both MK MCCQE1 Course and MK QBank

“Dr. Yousif is the best tutor you will find! He is extremely knowledgeable about the MCCQE Part 1 Exam. He covers material in-depth but focuses on key points and facts you need to know. From my first interaction with him, he was unbelievably supportive and positive. He built my confidence exponentially throughout our sessions. He also gave me mini homework assignments between sessions, which was very helpful in doing targeted studying. I looked forward to every session with Dr. Yousif because I knew I would leave the session feeling stronger. In the end, my score jumped high. I honestly don’t think I could have done it without his support, encouragement, knowledge, and dedication”.

Eszter Patel, MD

I strongly recommend the MK Course!

“USMLE CK exam preparation can often leave you lost and hopeless. I was in a similar frame of mind when I came across MK Medical Center on the web and contacted them right away. After attending a trial tutorial session, I realized I needed to work on my weak areas. We worked on high yield questions. They would explain important concepts thoroughly and how to apply them. This surely improved my test-taking skills which also helped with my confidence. I continued my prep with their guidance and achieved the score I was aiming for. I highly recommend MK Medical Center to all those who are struggling in their preps because we all need a little boost to meet our goals”.

Regina Daniel, MD

My best course ever!

“During my USMLE step 2 CK prep, I didn’t know where to begin or what recourses to start with, but during the online course at MK MEDICAL CENTER, all my worries were dissolved. USMLE CK Online prep course was perfect for me as I was working a full-time job on the side! The best part was that MK Team is very knowledgeable about the subjects that they were teaching and were more than willing to explain in more detail any questions I had.

Thank you, MK Team, for helping me achieve the score that I dreamed”.

Sarah Akash, MD

My best decisions!

“Taking the USMLE CK live course, at MK medical center was one of the best decisions for my medical exams prep.

Not only the MK team members are friendly, but they are also all extremely knowledgeable in their field, with real-life experiences to share. The class sizes are small and intimate, making for the perfect learning environment. I was also very impressed with how well this center keeps up to date with changes in the medical field, as it is constantly evolving. I can say with confidence they prepared me well for the exam, I am so happy that I chose to go there. I highly recommend them”.

Orenda, MD

“Are there any words stronger than “THANK YOU” that I can use to express my deepest gratitude to the staff of MK center! …. It was your enormous help to not only give me the Knowledge I needed but the guidance throughout my medical exams.

I came to dr.Yousif about 10 days before my exam date. I was looking for any last-minute boost (somewhat desperately) because I was uncomfortable with my most recent practice score and did not want to reschedule my test. Together, dr.Yousif and I met about five times. He increased my confidence by showing me that I had enough knowledge and that I was primarily missing questions because I was not reading them effectively in the first place. I am extremely glad that I met him before the test. Overall my score increased from the 58th percentiles to my final score in the 90th percentile​. Dr.Yousif is a calm, knowledgeable tutor and is absolutely an asset to USMLE preparation… THANK YOU again MK team”.

M. Atrash, MD

“I joined USMLE CS course at MK medical center and I would like to share with you guys my experience. Before getting this course, I had difficulties about how I can take a proper history, what are the important questions that I should ask, how can I manage my time… I’m so frustrated and despaired. I asked others for help. One of my friends advises me to join this course at MK Center.

This course was amazing. I learned various Patient approach strategies, time-management tricks, and advance communication skills that made me pass the exam without stress or difficulty.

Thank You MK team for all support”.

Lin Sheng, MD

Passed My CS Exam!

“As an IMG Doctor, passing the USMLE exams with a high score was crucial for me. I recognize that getting USMLE courses with MK medical center was one of the best decisions I have ever done. ​My instructors helped me to accomplish my goals. They gave me all the strategies that I needed to create a solid clinical knowledge and skills.

 Recently, I passed my CS exam after I got an amazing training course under the supervision of MK team. In that course, I learned multiple tricks regarding how to ask important questions and do physical examinations in a very short time while you are under exam stress. It was a fantastic experience and I strongly recommend to everyone that wants to do USMLE exams”.

Remya Kareem,MD

 My Incredible Experience!

“MK members are brilliant in their field. They are incredibly experienced on high yield topics of USMLE exams. They are professional and responsible. I highly recommend them”.

Best Regards,

Vivian Rafael, MD

Passed my USMLE Step 3 Exam

“I passed my step3 USMLE exam. I’m so excited that I did all my tests and I want to take this opportunity to thank MK team for helping me to pass these tough exams. Joining MK Medical center was one of the best decisions of my life. I got all USMLE courses with them. The course materials were well prepared, and the instructors were knowledgeable. I’d be happy to recommend them for all physicians preparing for USMLE exams”

Thank you for all the help.

Shery H., MD