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BMV dual-head Wireless Portable Doppler Ultrasound 3 in 1 Wi-Fi ultrasound probe color doppler

BMV dual-head Wireless Portable Doppler Ultrasound


High-Definition Ultrasound Imaging You Can Trust for Your Specialty

Manage your exams anywhere and improve patient outcomes with clear, real-time imaging that is easy to use, affordable, and ultra-portable.

Unmatched Image Quality

BMV delivers sharp and clear imaging to easily identify anatomy, confidently diagnose pathology, and guide procedures in real-time at the bedside.

Powered by artificial intelligence, 128 piezoelectric elements, and (not one but) eight beamformers.


  • Composed of two heads, which can be applied to multiple applications at the same time, including cardiac examination.
  • Lower cost than buying three separate one-headed probes.
  • Small and light, easy to carry and operate, very suitable for emergency clinical, hospital ward inspection, community clinical and outdoor inspect.
  • Wireless connected to Tablet or Smart Phone , can be conveniently used in surgery without fixing of cables. And by using the disposable protecting cover, it can easily solve the sterilization issue of the probe.
  • For powerful communication capability of the smart terminals, the wireless probe can meet the needs of the telemedicine.
  • Software is free for life. 
  • Waterproof design, convenient for sterilization. 

Wireless & Future Proof

The future of smart devices is portless. BMV  now features the latest antenna technology finely tuned for the most reliable direct WIFI connection to your mobile iOS or Android devices—no ports, no cables. Untethered, you have absolute freedom to scan everywhere.

Included Features

Our advanced imaging tools are included in the latest BMV Ultrasound App.

Dynamic Range

Dynamic range allows for contrast adjustments when there are tissue or vessel subtleties that need to be highlighted.

Chroma Imaging

Chroma Imaging allows for a colorized option that replaces the greyscale map temporarily to help bring out subtleties in soft tissue.

Virtual Phased

Turn on this feature in any preset or modality to allow for better scanning of the liver through the intercostal window, or a wider field of view.

Pulse-Inversion Harmonics

Pulse-Inversion Harmonics allows acquiring imaging through a sequence of two reciprocal ultrasound waves transmitted to subtract the signal from a linear medium such as tissue. This helps reduce image artifacts and speckles.


HD Zoom

High Definition (HD) Zoom allows for the selection of a specific region of interest within the image to target and hone in on anatomy to get the highest resolution possible.

Trapezoidal Imaging

Trapezoidal Imaging extends the field of view by dynamically focusing the ultrasound beams beyond the edges of the scanner to allow for larger anatomical visualizations.


Smoothing allows for clinical applications such as lung imaging to tune the smoothness level, where some users prefer a smoother image over a more grainy one.

Penetration Mode

Penetration mode gives an extra punch for imaging at any depth. It automatically changes acquisition frequency to better penetrate through certain types of tissue.



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