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Hospitals Medical Systems Development

Better health is central to human happiness and well-being.

MK Medical Development stands at the intersection of health care and technology. MKD is a unique company in the medical space. We share in World Health’s mission focus on supporting innovation and advances in technology that lead to advances in health care. 

What kinds of services can we provide for hospitals?

Medical Websites and Software Developments

Establishment, Management, and maintenance of:

  • Medical Web Design & Development 
  • Medication administration
  • Medical staff management
  • Medical imaging management
  • Lab management
  • Medical Advertisement Videos.
  • Patient Health education  Videos.

Continues Medical Education Developments

Establishment, Management, and maintenance of:

  • Medical MCQs QBank.
  • Case scenarios QBank.
  • Medical imaging Banks.
  • Medical ECG Data Bank.
  • Medical Training/ Recorded Courses.
  • Medical Training Video animations
  • Medical Education Videos.

Medical E-Learning and Digital Library Developments

Establishment, Management, and maintenance of:

  • Digital Medical Library.
  • Digital Medical Training Videos.
  • Up to date Medical E-Learning System
  • Archiving of Medical Conferences/ Meetings and cases Discussions
  • Medical and Surgical Procedures’ Training (Videos/Animation).
  • Surgical operation Simulators.

Medical Software Development

MK Medical software development services involve designing, developing, testing, and, if required, maintaining healthcare-related applications and websites. Since 2013, MKD has been developing healthcare software successfully used in various healthcare-related domains by hospitals, laboratories, imaging practices, and more. The medical software, applications, and websites that we develop are advanced secure, and user-friendly. MKD is ready to help you improve the quality of medical care and increase patient satisfaction with efficient healthcare software.

With us, you can discover tactics, insights, and programming designed exclusively by and for academic/ clinical medicine professionals. From engaging with leading subject matter experts to forging valuable relationships with peers, our specialized offerings empower individuals and enable institutions to thrive.

MKD International

MKD International – Professional, diverse and talented staff in our Toronto headquarters working in developing countries to manage and operate a broad range of public health services. MKD International is a leader in digital medical developments that delivers powerful medical web and software solutions to improve physicians and medical staff Medical Knowledge. Our specialization in web development, designing, online marketing, and apps for smartphone and miscellaneous handheld devices has given the world some amazing stuff. If it is online, we can be your partners in enhancing your web presence.
Our mission, ultimately, is to enhance the well-being of peoples and communities in developing nations.

Consulting Service

Recommended For:
  • Strategy development: Get the help you need to translate your business goals to technology plans before you build your team
  • Situational assessment: Receive a second opinion about challenges you are facing and recommendations to move forward
  • Prepare to partner: We can help you define a project in a way that raises your comfort working with a technology partner on your software development needs

Medical E-Learning Systems, E-Books and QBanks Developing

We can provide you with A to Z Medical E-learning System. Our medical professional staff has the ability to establish a full digital medical system which includes medical MCQs and Case scenario questions Qbanks, Medical Magazine designing and printing, E-Book Library developing, converting TextBooks to digital Books, and Archiving the hospital imaging investigations in one easy-access reference.
The global Medical E-Learning market has grown by 300% in the last 5 years and expected to rise by 25% every year in the next decade. Our MK Medical Development company has helped many healthcare systems in developing countries. Physicians in those systems, at the same time, are learning new skills with custom-designed courses which makes learning at self-pace possible and interesting.
Medical device software development is an ever-evolving field within the medical device industry, and it is growing increasingly complex in design and functionality. This constant growth matches the growing need for enhanced patient care and therapies. 

Medical Training Courses and QBanks

Our expert Physicians team provides you with high-yield, most relevant recourses, and up-to-date curriculum materials and clinical approaches to help you improve your Medical Knowledge and clinical skills. 

We offer the highest-quality Preparation Courses on the Market.

MK Medical provides:

  • Medical Live and recorded Courses For Medical students Fresh Graduated Physicians and Post-graduation Specialty Courses.
  • Clinical Training Workshops and Courses.
  • Ultrasound Training Courses.
  • USMLE Preparation Courses.
  • MCCQE Part 1 and Part 2 Preparation Courses.
  • NBDE PART 1 and 2 Dental Training Courses.

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MK Medical Software Benefits

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