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KardiaMobile 6 Lead ECG Monitor


KardiaMobile 6L

With KardiaMobile 6L, you can record unlimited six-lead EKGs, giving doctors more detailed insight on patients’ hearts.

  • Records EKG leads I, II, III, aVL, aVR, and aVF
  • More data and deeper insights on patient heart rhythm
  • FDA-cleared, clinically approved, medical-grade EKG recordings
  • Detects up to six of the most common arrhythmias

Advanced six-lead technology

KardiaMobile 6L has two electrodes on the top for your fingers or thumbs and one on the bottom to contact the skin of your left leg. Record EKG leads I, II, III, aVL, aVR, and aVF.

Heart data you can trust

KardiaMobile 6L is clinically validated, CE marked, and FDA-cleared, making it one of the most reliable ways to check in on your heart from home.

Accurate ECG results in seconds

KardiaMobile 6L is an FDA-cleared personal EKG that can detect up to six of the most common arrhythmias. Using clinically validated EKG technology and our advanced algorithm, you’ll get an accurate analysis of your heart rhythm with every recording in just 30 seconds.

ECG on the go

KardiaMobile 6L is the personal EKG that works with your smartphone and fits easily into your pocket. Take unlimited EKGs anytime, anywhere without applying wires, or patches.

After a 30-second EKG, you’ll know if your heart rhythm is normal or if Atrial Fibrillation is detected. AFib is one of the most common arrhythmias and a leading cause of stroke.

Product details

  • RECORD MEDICAL-GRADE, 6-LEAD EKGs: KardiaMobile 6L accurately records medical-grade, six-lead EKGs that provide an in-depth view of your heart rhythm for you and your doctor.
  • DETECT AFIB AND MORE ON THE GO: FDA-cleared to detect Atrial Fibrillation, Bradycardia, Tachycardia, and Normal Heart Rhythm in just 30 seconds.
  • SAVE AND SHARE YOUR RESULTS: Store your EKGs on your phone, save them as a PDF, and/or email them to your doctor with a press of a button.
  • PORTABLE AND EASY TO USE: KardiaMobile 6L has three electrodes—two on the top for your fingers, and one on the bottom to contact the skin of your left leg and instantly record a six-lead EKG.
  • WORKS WITH SMARTPHONES: Record and track your heart health right on your smartphone with the Kardia app and device. Works with most smartphones and tablets on Android and iOS