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Undergraduate Medical Courses 

We provide Many Courses for Medical, Dental, and Pharmacological Students in various subjects that can help them during their study. Also we introduce many training programs that can help Medical students to get better clinical experience.  
Undergraduate Medical Students

Undergraduate Courses:

We are proud to announce our new Courses for 2022-2023:
These includes:

  • Medical Terminology Course.

  • Up-to-date Medical Guidelines/ Protocol Courses.

  • Clinical Hx Taking and Physical Examination Course.

  • OSCE Preparation Course.

  • Clinical medicine and surgical principles Course.

  • Basic Pharmacology Course.

  • Clinical Pharmacology Course.

  • Basic Laboratory Analysis Course.

  • Advance Laboratory and Hormonal Analysis Course.

  • Anatomy Courses (Upper limbs, Lower limbs, Thorax, Abdomen, Head/Neck Courses)

  • Basic Neurological Anatomy Course.

  • Basic Diagnostic Ultrasound Courses for Technicians.

  • Basic Radiological Courses for Technicians.

For more information about these courses, please Contact Us!

Medical Student