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USMLE Step 2 CS Course

The USMLE Step 2 CS course is intended to advance your knowledge on physician tasks, History taking, and physical examination approach. It will help to improve your medical knowledge and deepen your clinical skills. Our outstanding high qualified team physicians will help you sharpen your skills and make you familiar with the situations you are likely to be faced in the exam day.
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Course Specification

Course Details

This course focuses on:

  • Data Gathering & Interpretation: understanding how to approach various cases, what physical examination should be done for each case, and how to answer post-encounter questions.
  • Empathy Situations: Our Instructor explains how to display Clinical Empathy.  You will learn the Basic Understanding of Empathy for both Adult and Pediatric encounters.  After the discussion, you will practice your skills.
  • Practice of multiple Unique clinical scenarios and receive individualized feedback by a Staff Physician on 100% of your cases.
  • Time Management Training and the right clinical approach: Interview, Closure, Counseling, and Challenging questions.
  • Discussion each case scenario – individualized for each student via one-on-one interaction with our Staff Physicians.
  • Different Encounters practice with Challenging Emotions and Questions.
  • Assess your clinical knowledge and skills related to patient encounters.
  • Review Complex Clinical Scenarios: Blank Entranceway, Sexual Abuse, Test Result, Abortion, Domestic Violence, Child Abuse, Depression, Hallucinations, etc.
  • Communication Skills Training: focusing on specific areas of your weaknesses.  You are given specific scenarios that may challenge you in the real exam.
  • Clinical Empathy Skills practiced with various scenarios.
  • Patient note writing techniques: our team will review your notes, advise you about how to write/ print your note.

Finally, During the course, we will help you identify your weakness area and the opportunity to overcome them while you are preparing for the exam day.